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Return Policy for Buyers

Return your item for any reason for Tradesy Site Credit

Excludes items marked Final Sale and all Non-U.S. orders.
Returns must be requested within 4 days of delivery.

returns steps 1

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Submit a return

Make your request within 4 days of delivery

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Ship for free

Pack and ship the item with our free label

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Get Tradesy Site Credit

Shop for something that makes you happy

If you receive an item that you believe is inauthentic or was inaccurately described in its listing, you can file a Misrepresentation Claim and you may qualify for a full refund.

For more information, please review our Terms.

Return Process

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Submit a return request

Return any item you’ve purchased on Tradesy and have not used or worn (except items marked Final Sale or not purchased within the U.S.) for Tradesy Site Credit. You must file a Return Request within 4 days of delivery.

If the item you received was not sold as described or is inauthentic, you may file a Misrepresentation Claim to request a full refund. For items not eligible for return, you can relist on Tradesy and sell the item to another buyer.

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